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I know, Americans can turn anything into a reason to hoard, but I am fascinated with the mask, how it conceals, protects, alienates. Masks have often been a cultural tradition in societies because our faces are powerful and how we cover them shows what we value. Somehow masks during Covid have become political which makes then even more provocative.

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Украшения ручной работы

Most noteworthy about beans are grown in Sumatra is that they are frequently dried via a process mainly unique to the region known as wet-hulling, or Giling Bashan. After the coffee cherries have been picked, they are skinned, and then left in woven bags overnight, where they ferment. The next morning, the beans are washed off by hand and dried partially outdoors. From here, they are shipped to a warehouse, where they are allowed to dry further, and then sent away to the port from which they will be exported, where they are allowed to dry a third time. However, besides its practical elements, this process is also primarily responsible for lending Sumatra beans their very unique taste. Due to the sizable nature of the island, coffee beans from Sumatra do come in a variety of local types; however, for the most part, they are all defined, first and foremost, by their body rather than their flavor.

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